What's your signature dish?

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What's your signature dish? Empty What's your signature dish?

Post by blackrainbow on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:15 am

Everyone has that one thing they're really good at cooking and people always ask for. What's yours?

Mine is mushroom risotto, but I haven't cooked it in about 18 months because it's really calorific.

You dice an onion and fry it until soft
Add a bag of risotto rice and fry for about a minute
Chuck in a splash of white wine and cook off the alcohol
You need about a litre of chicken stock. Add half and bring it to the boil
Once the stock is absorbed, add a good amount of chopped mixed mushroom
keep adding stock but a ladle at a time until it is all absorbed.
Keep stirring the whole time, it will hurt your arms
Once all the stock is absorbed, turn the heat off
Add a generous serving of grated parmesan and a big sprig of parsley
If you want to be really bad you can add butter or even cream, but I've never tried adding cream. I think cream cheese could work and be less fatty
Cover the pan with a lid and leave for a good 10-15 minutes
Serve Smile It should feed about 4 people as a main course

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